Commission Sale Legal Defense Fund!

Some of you may know that I've been locked in an ongoing battle with a number of online print-on-demand websites who have been illegally selling my designs on t-shirts and other items.  I've had to get over 6000 listings removed since early January and new designs are stolen and listed every day.  This has had a negative impact on my own t-shirt sales at the places I choose to sell them and has also cost me a lot of time in monitoring and reporting the thefts.  I've now commenced legal action with a lawyer to seek a more permanent resolution and to counteract this costI'm offering a limited number of original art commissions at a generous rate with all the funds being used to assist in this legal action.  If you're interested please contact me via for details.  Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I've launched a Patreon page for my new comic "Salvation Is Free" and other projects.

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Below is my painted gatefold cover for the new Augie March album "Bootikins"

You can now order copies of my latest art book HERE!

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